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What is the ride to remember?

A 19,000 km motorcycle ride that begins Brisbane and traveling anticlockwise via Rockhampton through central and southern Australia passing through Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney ending back in Brisbane completing the Australian leg of the ride. From there the bikes will be freighted to Vladivostok, Russia, where we will travel overland across Russia through eastern and western Europe and on to Bishop Auckland in the UK. Along the way hoping to raise as much money as possible for Alzheimer’s research and making more people aware of this soul destroying disease.

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Why The Ride to Remember?

My mother was born in 1933 Bishop Auckland, the heart of coal mining country in the English northeast and sadly passed away in a Nursing home that included Alzheimer’s and Dementia sufferers on the Sunshine Coast Australia on the 19th May 2012.

She was diagnosed with dementia in 2004 but showed signs well before then. I watched on helplessly as this cruel disease slowly took my mother from a vibrant alive person to someone I barely recognised, unable to speak, walk and even feed herself. Wearing adult nappies and spending 24 hours a day in bed. The last 2 years we think she was blind.

As this disease progresses sufferer’s recall times long passed. My mother would often call for her mother, telling me she needed to go home “I want to go home back to Bishop Auckland“ she repeated over and over calling out for her mum. She last saw her mother in 1963 before immigrating and in 1968 mourned her passing, unable to attend the funeral back in the UK.

It is my determination to return my mother to Bishop Auckland, to lay her ashes next to that of her mother’s in a tiny cemetery in the grounds of St James church, Coundon.

With the acknowledgement of Neuroscience Research Australia and accompanied by my 19 year old son Aaron I intend to embark on a charity motorcycle ride carrying my mother’s ashes back home to her birth place.

Facts that inspired this trip

More Than 260,000 Australians have dementia and approximately 1.2 million are caring for someone with dementia.This means that almost 1.5 million Australians are living with the affects of dementia.

Dementia is one of the most disabling of all chronic diseases. This is because it progressively destroys the brain cells and their connections and as a consequence reduces the capacity of the individual to function normally without support from family and friends.

The impact of dementia cannot be underestimated. Each week there are 1500 new cases of dementia in Australia. This is expected to grow to 7400 by 2050. This will have a huge impact on the the health services and the amount of people required to care for dementia suffers.

Most Australians associate dementia with memory loss. But many are still unclear about how common dementia is or what other symptoms are associated with dementia. For example 44% underestimate or do not know the prevalence of dementia. Only 1 in 5 are aware that dementia is a terminal illness and is the third leading cause of death in Australia after heart disease and strokes. Most are also unaware of the behavioural symptoms and language difficulties that can be associated with dementia.

Ida Buttrose President of Alzheimer’s Australia says. ”People once thought of dementia as something old people had to worry about. It’s now apparent that people of all ages need to be concerned because so many people have the condition or are caring for sufferers of dementia. The difference between dementia and Alzheimer’s is Alzheimer’s the disease and dementia is a symptom.

How You Can Help

In order to achieve our goal I need as much help as possible either in the way of sponsorship and monetary donation to more tangible things such as bikes to ride, protective clothing to wear, help with visas, documentation and freight. This website will be further developed and all sponsors will be well represented with corporate logos and links to their own web sites. The site will also include up to the minute GPS tracking of our progress, videos and social network links.

This is a cause I feel very passionate about and I will do my upmost to achieve. Any and all sponsorship and donations will be gratefully received making this mammoth task a lot easier to undertake.

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